With regular visits, our team at the Subiaco Foot & Ankle Clinic can detect various developmental problems in their very early stages and implement the necessary treatment to prevent them from slowing your child down.

Children’s feet are frequently changing shape and size throughout their developmental years. Podiatrists play an important role in assessing, diagnosing, treating and monitoring children’s feet. Keeping a close eye on your child’s development is vital to make sure they are not left behind by other kids, and it is recommended your child’s first appointment is made when they start to walk or at the latest when starting school. This visit usually involves a brief assessment by our Podiatrist to establish the health of your child’s feet, checking they are hitting their developmental milestones and that they are wearing the correct footwear (which may be quite different to what you think!).

You may like to schedule your child’s appointments in conjunction with your own, as seeing you have your feet examined often makes them more relaxed.

We recommend that your child be MUST seen by a Podiatrist if they:

– Regularly fall or trip over
– Complain of painful feet, legs or knees
– Have painful heels
– Don’t want to participate in activities due to tired feet or legs

Common Paediatric foot conditions that we treat:

– In-toeing (Pigeon Toed)
– Heel Pain (Sever’s Disease)
– Toe walking
– Knock-knees
– Ingrown Toenails
– Warts
– Unusual gait (walking or running style)

30-60 MIN

What to expect

At the Subiaco Foot & Ankle Clinic we pride ourselves on performing a thorough assessment from infants to adults. Your child’s first appointment will involve a comprehensive biomechanical examination of the feet, legs, knees, hips, back and everything else related to their activities.

This examination will include looking at joint ranges-of-motion, muscular weakness and imbalances, assessment of footwear and analysis of walking and; where relevant, running gait.

These can be compared to what we would expect from a child of similar age, and if something is outside the normal range of what we would expect we will work with you and your child to ensure they are pain-free and keeping up with the other kids!

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