Building relationships through a unique patient experience, and maintaining integrity through comprehensive care.

These core values of Subiaco Foot & Ankle allow us to focus on what matters most – you and your comfort.

We promise that each visit will be personalized, detailed, and inspiring. Every time.

Subiaco foot clinic launched in 2017 and is conveniently located in the heart of Subiaco.

Practice Principal Mr Lane Sanderson provides general and sports podiatry to patients from all suburbs of Perth.

Our aim is to provide the finest and most affordable podiatry treatment for local families, and to create a friendly environment, pleasant experience, and long-lasting relationship with all our patients.

Our practice strives to adhere to the highest standards of quality, professionalism and integrity.

Modern & Comfortable

Our mission is to get you back into those shoes, back playing the sports you love and back enjoying a pain-free lifestyle. Benefit from the care and attention of Podiatrists that have a dedicated interest and extensive experience in the management of foot & ankle conditions.

Our Podiatrists are dedicated to ensuring your episode of foot care is as comfortable as possible. You can be confident that you and your family will be treated with compassion and respect, and given personal attention.

Our practitioners are experienced, compassionate and strive for the very best patient outcomes!

State-of-the-art Technology


No more plaster getting stuck to your skin. No more 3 week waiting times to get your orthotics on your feet. Subiaco Foot & Ankle uses state-of-the-art Delcam iQube 3D foot scanning technology to take the perfect impression of your foot. Once the scan is taken our Podiatrist then applies years of orthotic management experience into designing your orthotic, which is made by technicians in a specialised orthotic laboratory.

The scans are kept on file permanently, so if you need a new pair in years to come a simple phone call is all that’s required!

Health Insurance

Private health insurance can cover a significant portion of your podiatry treatment.  Our office staff are always available to help you with insurance claims and paperwork and we will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your health insurance. Please let us know if you have any questions about your insurance coverage or ideas about how we can make your entire experience a pleasant one.

Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program

Our practice is proud to BULK-BILL all EPC appointments to ensure patients with chronic diseases have no barriers to treatment. If you think you may be eligible to see our Podiatrists under the EPC program please speak to your GP and request a referral to our clinic.

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